L&W Compressor

A city fire department, a 5 star luxurious resort diving center, a manufacturing facility supplying the automotive industry, a NGV filling station, all quite different operations but with a common requirement: a reliable high pressure compressor with associated periphery equipment.

At L&W we endeavour to provide the best solutions for this service at low running costs with high reliability.

L&W employees are well aware of this heavy burden of responsibility and have taken on this challenge in their everyday activities.

Your enquiry arrives at our location and the planning and consultation phase begins. All the way through to the completion of such projects including the constant quality control and improvements to function and design are paramount in our daily tasks.

We are the experts in the four modules of a high pressure system:

compression,  purification, storage and distribution.

L&W compressors must be durable and reliable to meet the tough requirements that our customers have. Ease of maintenance, running cost efficiency and value for money are high on the list of features integrated in the design and development of high pressure systems.

Our customers all over the world rely on our extensive service and support to avoid down times and failures.