About Us

Modern Motors (Pvt.) Ltd. was incorporated in June, 1956 and has a proud 60 years history in Pakistan. Mr. Nabi Ahmad Chaudhri founded the company, with a vision of providing Pakistan Automobile Customer with the most modern automobile sales, service and parts facilities, countrywide, an unknown concept in the 1950s. Now, lately the same idea is adopted by major Japanese manufacturers and termed 3S. Modern Motors became Volkswagen Distributor for Pakistan in 1956. By 1964, Volkswagen was number one selling Automobile leaving its British and American competitors far behind. The concept of 3S facilities at Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Dacca and Chittagong gave Volkswagen an edge over its competition.

As Pakistan’s political and economic conditions took a change in 1970’s, Modern Motors, tried to mould itself to adapt to these changes. Diversification seemed the best solution as car dealerships were being nationalized by government policy of the time. Modern Motors diversified into other field of business which included Auto Parts import and wholesale, Carpet Exports, Earthmoving, Material Handling, Marine Engines and Compressors to utilize its good name to full potential. The founder’s vision of providing Modern Motors customers with the best possible Sales, Service and Parts facilities still remains a top priority at Modern Motors today.