Aqua Ambulance (2014)

The idea was conceived by USAID in 2012, as it was hazardous to cross Attabad Lake, 21 km long (100 meter deep), in slow ill equipped local boats, from Gulmit to Attabad. Patients suffering various illnesses in severe cold, in sudden emergencies, needed a safe fast mode of transportation.

Modern Motors team was contacted for the Water Ambulance Project. After thorough study and a many field study trips from Karachi to Attabad Lake a proposal was submitted to USAID. 

Finally by mid 2013, we were formally informed by USAID to make two “Aqua Ambulances” as per their approved design fitted with twin Mercury 150 HP OBMs. Mercury is a bench mark by which other outboard engines are compared.


Project in Karachi took over 6 months to complete the boats. Thereafter the necessary tests and training at Marina Club Karachi, was conducted for customer staff sent by Gilgit Baltistan government. The boats were loaded on to 40 ft trailers and under strict security were transported to Attabad Lake by road.


After a journey of more than 2000 km at a height of more than 8000 ft above sea level, finally Hunza 1 & Hunza 2 were launched at Attabad Lake on May 07, 2014 and delivered to Ministry of Health, Government of Gilgit Baltistan.  USAID had provided a life saving solution to the people of that area. We are proud to have been a part of this Team.